Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cruise to the Bahamas!!

We took our family on a wonderful cruise to the Bahamas from September 30th until October 7th. We flew to Orlando and went to Disney World for a day (amazingly the kids got BORED there!) and then we took a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas, stopping in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, and Nassau. Our favorite place was Nassau, and we had fun shopping the straw market. The only regret we have is not spending more time playing in the ocean (I guess we will just have to go on another cruise!)

                Our ship was the Carnival Sensation 

This man stopped us on the street in Nassau and wanted us to dance with him.  (I just hope that hat he put on Greg's head was clean!)  When he finished his song, he asked us for a tip.  We felt bad, but we really didn't want to spend our money on that since we had just gotten to the island.
 This mural was on the side of a building in downtown Nassau.

 We took these pictures on our way back to the ship after spending the day shopping in Nassau.  Our favorite place was the Straw Market.  We got there just as most of the vendors were closing, but several women kept their booths open just for us, and when we got done shopping at their booth, they would take us to another booth.  Everyone was so friendly, and we got some great deals, too!  We bought Coach bags and Juicy purses for way cheap...(okay, so they were fake, but they are still really nice!)  Greg found a fake Rolex too.

                                 Senor Frogs!
 Really old tree...they actually paint the bottom of the trunks white so drunk drivers don't hit them at night!
            Junkanoo costume in Nassau Welcome Center