Monday, May 25, 2009

Our "Baby Girl" is Graduating!

Less than a week until Krystal's graduation from Columbia High School. She graduated from Seminary last Sunday. I am so proud of her for doing well in school and making good choices for her life. It is hard to see her grow up and let her go, but this is all part of Heavenly Father's plan for our family, and I know she will do well. I know I will shed many tears this week as I think about the changes about to occur in our family, but I am also very excited.

I had the chance to teach Aubrie's Sunday School class today. I didn't take the time to prepare the lesson, but I prayed to have the spirit with me to help me teach. The lesson was about tithing, something very dear to my heart that I have a very strong testimony of, and the class went great. I had a bag of candy that I shared with all the kids that brought their scriptures and/or participated in the lesson in some way, and they all listened and participated. It was actually a wonderful experience! I am gratefull for the opportunity I had to teach and strengthen my testimony, and I know that the spirit touched each of those kids today as well.

I have been doing tons of coupon shopping at Albertsons...they have had double coupons the past couple of weeks. Most of the things I have purchased have been FREE...all I had to pay was sales tax. Couponing has been a HUGE blessing for our family, and I know it is because we pay a full tithe that I have been blessed to learn how to use coupons and, in so doing, build up our food storage for our family. We are now working on putting 72-hour kits together, and most of the items we are using have been free. Coupon shopping is very fun and addicting!!!