Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Whirlwind Summer!

The past few months have been filled to overflowing, and I haven't taken the time to record those events.

On July 14th, Krystal married Dalton Whiting in the Twin Falls, Idaho Temple.  Their sealing session was beautiful, and it was amazing to be surrounded by family and friends to celebrate their marriage.  The reception was held that same evening at our Stake Center in Nampa, Idaho.  We decorated the gym with the help of family, and it was absolutely beautiful!  I made the cupcakes (all 307 of them), and my nieces helped us decorate them.
Congratulations, Krystal & Dalton...we love you both!

Just a couple weeks after Krystal and Dalton's wedding, Nick got engaged to Emily Rodie.  They planned on getting married in December, but on September 7th they decided to go to the courthouse and get married.  We were a little surprised when they told us the next day, but we love Emily and are glad to have her in our family.  They will be having a reception in December.

The rest of the kids started school at the end of August. 
Aubrie is a Senior this year and is excited to graduate and plans on attending BSU next fall to study Criminal Justice and Anesthesiology.  We are so proud of her and the way she excels in school!

Mandi is a freshman in high school and participated in Volleyball Camp over the summer, which she really enjoyed.  She was sad to not make the team after tryouts but was able to participate as a team manager and will try out again next year.

Porter is in the 7th grade and is participating in Nampa Kids Soccer again.  He is really a great soccer player and has a goal to play in high school, college, and even professionally someday!  He is also involved in Boy Scouts and had the opportunity to go to Scout Camp this summer in McCall.

Just after school started, we took a trip to Utah to take Aubrie for a recheck of her back at Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake.  Fortunately her scoliosis is stable, and they did not recommend surgery at this time.  While we were in Utah, we stayed with our "second family" the Chlarsons.  It was so much fun to see them again.  We really miss them since they moved to Utah.  We also took the kids to Lagoon, and we all had a wonderful time trying the new rides and some of our old favorites.

The morning before we went to Lagoon, Porter was riding his skateboard outside and got going too fast down a hill.  He knew he was going to crash when he got to the bottom, so he decided to bail off his skateboard and skidded across the road.  He skinned up his shoulder, side, hip, and knees.  I am surprised he wasn't screaming when he came in the house (I would have been!).  We bandaged him up and let him rest for awhile.  I was worried he would not enjoy the rides at Lagoon, but Greg gave him a blessing, and he was able to have a wonderful day.  Because I was so concerned about getting him cleaned up and bandaged, I didn't think to take any pictures of his wounds, but they were BAD!  Thankfully he has healed up well with very little scarring and can now brag a little about bailing off the skateboard and being a tough guy.

Sadly, on August 17th, we had to say goodbye to our dog, Mia.  She was diagnosed with lymphoma just a couple weeks earlier, and the cancer progressed very rapidly.  It was so sad to watch her go from a happy, energetic, healthy dog to one who could not even get up and would not eat.  We had 8 wonderful years with her and cherish the memories.  It was really hard on Greg because just last October we had to put our other dog, Buddy, to sleep.  He was almost 15 years old.  Both of them were great dogs and had been Greg's training companions.  We will miss them!


Jen Paris said...

welcome back! ;)
cute, cute family!
and seriously, 309 cupcakes?? WOW!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

busy summer! nice to see a blog post!